Press Release

About Us

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha is a political party with strong presence in Jharkhand. Jharkhand Mukti Morcha came out of the Jharkhand Statehood Movement. The party was founded by Binod Bihari Mahto, Disom Guru Shibu Soren and Comrade Dr. A.K. Roy to empower the struggle for Jharkhand’s autonomy and Jharkhand’s pride. The party carried the baton for Jharkhand Statehood movement for about three decades.

What We Stand For

We want to build a Jharkhand in which each and every individual has equal opportunity to flourish and develop. Jharkhand that will write a golden future for itself. Jharkhand that will fight and defeat the evil of hunger, starvation and malnutrition for it to never haunt our children again. Jharkhand where every single person will have a home to live. Jharkhand, in which everyone will have an access to clean drinking water. Jharkhand that will be defined by its strength in sports, bringing glory for the entire nation. Jharkhand with ample education opportunities for all. Jharkhand that will tell the entire world how environment, tribes and modernity can live in perfect harmony, enriching and helping each other.

Join Us

JMM is made up of lakhs of individuals working together with a resolution to transform Jharkhand for each and every Jharkhandi, to cater to the needs of the population marginalised and exploited for decades and to create a Jharkhand every Adivasi and Moolvasi dreams about.

We want your voice to be heard, we want you to take charge and transform our beautiful motherland. We want you to create real change. We want a better future for all of Jharkhand and not just a few. Join us and get involved in this movement to transform Jharkhand.

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